Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Garage door springs hold the weight of the door for a smooth operation and are made to last long. Though they can last longer than other parts, they eventually wear out and need to be replaced as the door cannot operate without them. The broken garage springs replacement can only be done by a profession as they can sprout out and cause accidents.

In our company we will offer you the following services:

Repair the springs

Garage springs can be repaired to serve longer and also save the garage owner the cost of replacing them. Springs can be damaged when the door is not properly installed causing tension to one of the spring. In our company, we will be able to access the extent of the damage and offer the most appropriate solution to deal with broken springs.

Replace the springs

When subjected to more tension the springs can be damaged beyond repair and the only solution left is to replace them. Our technicians are equipped with both knowledge and tools to replace the springs without damaging the door, walls and other fixtures.  We advise our clients to replace the pair of the springs even when it is only one spring that is damaged. This is a safety measure as when one spring is damaged; the other is subjected to more tension thus making it weak.

Maintain the springs

Garage door springs need regular maintenance as they are directly affected by the door weight when opening, shutting or at a stationary state. The springs need oiling for a smooth operation and also to reduce friction. Our technicians will advise on maintenance services and the frequency to administer for a smooth door operation.


In our company, we will be able to repair, maintain or replace your garage door springs. Our technicians are conversant with the torsion springs, roll-up door springs as well as garage door extension springs. We have experience in all garage door springs and are well aware of the dangers they can expose you to if not properly installed, repaired and maintained.